Ready or not (not!), we’re down to the last minute. I still have a quick stop I need to make, all the presents to wrap. I should have gotten up first thing, left before breakfast. But it was a slow and sleepy morning and I lost my window before the husband zipped off for his long, snowy run. (disclaimer: while we probably won’t see snow at our valley floor home this winter, we are just minutes away from an always-snowy mountain range. we tromp around up there frequently, and the husband runs on trails most weekends.) But even with all the stuff I HAVEN’T done yet weighing down on me, our house is full of stuff that I HAVE and it does feel like Christmas here.

Here’s a little glimpse of the gingerbread cookie ornaments I wrote about earlier. I did not have anything to do with that project, that was 100% my daughter. But I do have inspiring things strewn about the house, and I do keep necessary ingredients stocked in the kitchen, and I always encourage creative messmaking, so I take a tiny bit of credit. (ha!) She enjoyed the process very much and said every Christmas tree from here on will be ornamented with one-of-a-kind cookies!


(you can see just a few of the many she made: a hedgehog, a cat, a TARDIS, a christmas tree, some little rounds)

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  1. amanda

    Wow wow wow wow WOW.

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