We are always so good about hanging paper snowflakes in the front windows. Some years I try to have them up by the first of December, and other years we make the Solstice our goal. We only have a few in one window so far. I need to make peace with the few or hustle to fill the windows by tomorrow. I haven’t actually made any yet this year, the snowflakes we have up were cut by my daughter, but I usually make a lot. I don’t care how other people do it, but I have a specific way that paper snowflakes happen in our house, the way that feels “right” to me. Like towel folding. There is no official correct way to fold a towel, but if you don’t fold your bath towels in thirds lengthwise first, I think you’re doing it wrong. Fold them anywhichway in your cupboard, but I expect them to look a certain way in mine. My way about snowflakes has three requirements: 1. tissue paper 2. embroidery scissors 3. double sided tape. Tissue paper creates delicate papercuts and I wouldn’t be able to make such intricate designs with clunky craft scissors. I think tissue paper’s prettier in windows, also, than standard office paper. We’ve reused junk mail or other scrap paper before, but I will choose tissue or tracing paper every time; I keep a roll of it on hand specifically for snowflakes. And if you use a few tiny slivers of double sticky tape you can adhere them to the window without really noticing the tape.

I just ran out and snapped a picture of one of the snowflakes taped in my living room window, quickly before it was completely dark outside. If the baby cooperates (and by cooperate, I mean SLEEPS) tonight, I will queue up a movie and make a mess of white scraps. Since actual snowfall is unlikely, we’ll have to fill our window with the paper sort.


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