I’m not sure if you noticed, but I changed the little widget on the side of my blog that links to my Instagram pictures. Instagram recently created a web interface, so I’m linking directly to that now, instead of a third party gallery site. I really like the new Instagram web presence; I click over myself when I’m on my desktop, to see my little phone pictures all big and beautiful.

I’ve been tucking little activities into the evening daughter-made Advent calendar (her drawings for which I’m sharing each day). It’s nothing elaborate: little printable puzzles, something to work on with paper after dinner. I didn’t really have my act together to swing anything more involved. It was kind of a last minute collaborative idea anyway, that extra Advent calendar. In fact, even though all of my children are sleeping for the night, it occurred to me that we didn’t open up today’s container; the lot of us forgot all about it. And that’s ok, because, confession: it’s empty. We’ll try again tomorrow night.

Yesterday, there was paper inside and a suggestion to write out their respective Christmas lists. I don’t much want to encourage the gimme-gimmes but, sometimes it’s nice to make sure the kids and I are on the same page, that we’re thinking along the same lines for gift ideas, and we inevitably get asked by distance relatives for suggestions, so I like to make sure we’re ready. My six year old son thought about this for a long while. He tapped his pen on his nose, like a serious thinker in a cartoon, and said, “hmmm. . . what do I desire?” and the daughter laughed and said, “you always sound like an old man.” And then he wrote out this:


2 Lego Books, Pencils, Have A Good Life. (he almost always writes some kind of space liner in lieu of an actual space, so that’s the extra lines and dots you see)

It’s that third one there that gets me. I want that for you, too, son. I do.

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2 thoughts on “5

  1. Midge

    What sort of LEGO books and pencils does your boy desire? I find both of those interesting desires.

    • interesting, in general? or interesting for G? he is always so specific and honest.

      so he has those 2 Lego sticker books that he has loved the HECK out of for years; I think he saw others. this request, we can surely fulfill. His sister, on the other hand, wants a kitten.

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