It’s that time of year when the husband leaves for work in the dark and comes home in the dark and we only see him in sleepy glimpses. Most mornings, I don’t see him at all. He dresses by the glow of his cellphone and drives away hours before anyone else stirs. But this morning, The Baby was up at 4, after a rough, restless night, and the husband took over wrangling duties so I could doze for a couple of hours. I was in that grainy space between sleeping and waking, when I heard the husband say, from the rocking chair across the room, “Six o’clock already. . .” and I stretched and responded, “I was just in the middle of a dream. . .” and then we spontaneously sang The Bangles together, Manic Monday. I couldn’t have scripted it better.

(I hope it’s not confusing that I’m getting a jump start with the numbered pictures by writing them the night before. so this is tomorrow’s number, but today’s anecdote.)

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5 thoughts on “4

  1. that asian-looking chick

    i love these drawings! thank you for sharing them.

    • thanks! my girl draws a lot and we always have interesting little pictures around the house; i’m so glad she was cool with me sharing a few of them here!

  2. Deb Stuart

    Such a great idea with the drawings…this one makes me smile.
    I love it when those random ‘brain synch’ moments happen…that’s great!

  3. Jenny

    Your daughter is amazingly talented!!

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