I am making all the excuses, to myself, to you, for not being very present in this space, for not delivering on my promise to write about the baby’s hospital stay, to not update on his post-surgery status. But that baby.  I cannot put him down! He is adhered or unhappy. He is still in a cast, so even the holding is a little awkward. And because of the cast and bandages, I can’t sling him onto my back. And because I’m constantly holding him, and because lately he won’t sleep unless he’s touching me, writing is a luxury I can’t so much afford; my time is a pocketful of pennies and I am counting them out, one by one by one, and coming up short every day.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter that I never wrote about Uly’s first birthday, either. November is finished, like that.

So here I am, attempting to embrace December, and all that this month implies.

We are usually pretty good around my house at feeling Holiday cheer and spirit, but this year, I am exhausted, not at all inspired. So there’s a certain amount of going through the motions, of doing first and feeling second.

I am so grateful to my big kids for keeping me from turning into a total hermit-y grinch. They are excited, like always, to begin this season of anticipating.

The other day my daughter sat down and sketched out 24 little drawings. She built a large advent calendar out of old coffee bean containers, and has a simple line drawing to cover the lid of each. I found them all so sweet and charming, I asked permission to share them and my daughter said yes! So instead of showing the whole thing at once, I thought I’d attempt a picture every day, like a bloggy sort of hand drawn Advent calendar, courtesy of my best girl. She might like the record to state that she did, for this project, focus on the cutesy anthropomorphized critters she was so fond of drawing when she was little. Counting down to Christmas and scarf-wearing woodland animals just go together. So, while this is a quite a departure from her current style, I’m really glad she can still whip out some Cute when it’s called for.

I’ll try to post a new little picture every day, and maybe I’ll have enough left over to write some words, too.

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2 thoughts on “first

  1. I am looking forward to savoring your month of drawings. What a perfect advent calendar!

    • when we get to the end of the month, i’ll post a picture of the whole thing she made, with all the pictures together.

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