28 seconds of awesome

In which I will keep it simple and make no lofty claims about regular blogging intentions from here on out, but instead will share a video. Ulysses is crawling! And, you know what, countless other babies have started crawling at eight months old. Big Whoop. No, make it bigger. B I G. The whooping over here is sincerely huge. We can’t get enough of this grinning, crawling elf. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was gobsmacked by bad news, sucker punched by a bleak prognosis. We didn’t know anything. You don’t hold those immense and frightening questions in your brain without some sludge remaining even after trust sets in, you just don’t. So milestones aren’t prideful checkmarks in a baby book, they are celebrations, they are reassurances, they are BIG FLIPPING DEALS.

(1. that’s my ridiculous voice at the start 2. no clue about mister six’s inadvertent addition interruption at the end there. he didn’t know i was taking video and came around the corner, talking. afterward, i asked him why he said that and he said, “because it’s math; it’s true.” ok then! 3. if you’re going to film a little clip of your amazing baby showing off his amazing new crawling skill, you have to entice him with something he’s going to really want to get. like iphone earphones.)

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16 thoughts on “28 seconds of awesome

  1. Christiane

    SQUEEEE!!! Ack, you are making me want more babies!!! STOP THAT!!!!! And congratulations to the little man, what an amazing day!!

  2. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again, Ulysses is the perfect name for your wonderful child. I immediately thought of the last line of the Tennyson poem when I saw this video “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

    • yes! that line sums him up. i don’t know how we nailed his name, but we did. πŸ™‚

      • Sue Berger

        I agree – his name is becoming more and more apt with each accomplishment!

  3. Sharon

    Tears of joy for all of you.

    • i’m not the emotional sort, usually, but i do get a little choked up when i see him moving around so efficiently.

  4. Julie Anita

    Oh WOW… I was reading this entry on my iPhone and popped onto my computer to see the video, and he’s REALLY crawling! I was just saying to you on Twitter that my girls, who are maybe 3 days older than Uly, I think, aren’t even CLOSE to crawling. (I’m not terribly worried about that– I have an early childhood background and I know that my IUGR borderline-preemie twins are likely to do things a bit later than other babies, plus they’re not really “behind” on this skill yet anyways. Just marveling at how well Uly is doing!)

    • honestly, i can’t even remember when my other babies crawled. i’m pretty sure my daughter was fairly average, but that was thirteen years ago! memories blur! and my six year old was slower than average for a lot of milestones, even though he has always been the biggest and most robust. he’s full of gusto but does things on his own timeline, for sure. it just knocks me over with relief to see ulysses doing regular stuff. he just moves his body. nobody told him he’d have trouble crawling! his determination will be a great asset.

      • amanda

        “he just moves his body. nobody told him he’d have trouble crawling! ”

        This. ❀

        What a beautiful, strong, awesome boy. What a beautiful, strong, awesome you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Christine

    Same here, went straight from phone to computer …. Amazing!!!!

  6. i keep watching it over and over and over and can’t wipe the huge smile off my face.
    Super Uly is right!

  7. Kristal

    Oh my! He is amazing. He’s just doing it! And really he is one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen.

  8. Petra Prostrednik

    Ahhh… SO SO SO EXCITING!!! Love the video. He is too darn cute. When will I get to see him again? Any plans of being (or moving) to Portland anytime soon? Also, my daughter would love to visit w/ yours soon. I’ll be in the area on Friday. Any chance I can pick her up to stay the night and have her here for them to hang out on Saturday? πŸ™‚

    • oh, no! I missed your comment until just today, Petra. as it turns out, we had out-of-state visitors this week and F was not available friday night anyhow. but maybe soon. yes! it would be fun to see you and catch up!

  9. Deb

    He is just too scrummy for words!!!

  10. I just want to sweep him up for cuddles!!!!

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