you can stop looking. i found the best thing on the whole internet.

We sure do love Mister Rogers around here. Once upon a time, I tried to start an email harassment campaign, pleading our PBS affiliate to keep airing Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It didn’t work. Public television isn’t the same. Childhood isn’t the same. Some full episodes stream online, but he crafted the program to have slow building story arcs, so watching random episodes loses the intentional cohesion. I would buy the complete series on dvd if I could. I would syndicate it myself if I had the means. My six year old still requests the streaming videos, my thirteen year old watched Mister Rogers every day for her whole young childhood, the same episodes I watched when I was little. But it’s not just me being a sentimental sap. I really think that was the best (most validating, honest, gentle, true) in children’s programming ever. Our PBS station told me that that their audience couldn’t relate to it anymore; that children today demand a faster pace. I think it was less about what children want, though, and more about what we give children. I want to always give children Mister Rogers’ message. It’s good to be curious. There’s no one like you. You are special. Yes, you.

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2 thoughts on “you can stop looking. i found the best thing on the whole internet.

  1. Amelia

    I’m so sad G won’t get to see him, I adored that show. We don’t have cable or local channels so we watch movies, but when we go to her friend’s house I see the strobe light cartoons. I’m no so into them. We’ll stick with Signing Time.

    • oh, we watched signing time (with alex and leah!) when my six year old was very small. i love signing with babies. i need to research signing with limb differences. i wonder what other people have done. and really, that fred rogers. he was the best.

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