happy birthday, babe lincoln!

mary todd who?

How can you not be charmed by a little girl whose first crush was on President Lincoln? The little girl’s a teenager now (whoa.) and is out of town for a couple of nights, so we didn’t bake our traditional cake. Her crush has long been downgraded, anyhow, to some kind of history lover’s fondness. But old number sixteen is still her favorite and we try to observe his birthday.

Remember when we lived in the desert and I was freezer paper stenciling everything five years ago? (just nod your head, I’m reminiscing here.) And when I asked my girl what image she’d like on a shirt, she had only one answer:

happy birthday, abraham lincoln!

We should locate that shirt in the too-little bins (I’ve saved everything, you know.) and cut out Abe and sew him onto something else. I’m not sure that she’d want to wear a dead president on a shirt anymore but I can see him looking just right on a throw pillow perhaps.

Because she’s not here and I can’t ask her permission, I won’t take a picture of the small Lincoln statue on her desk. But I will show you some (we have others but I was too lazy to search) of our related books. I wouldn’t bet for sure on this, but we might have more Abraham Lincoln books for children in our house than in our local library (ditto Ancient Egypt and various other subjects). I pulled this handful off the shelf to have on the table today for mister six to look through and read.

Presidential birthdays aside, I like the gather and strew approach to presenting other topics, too. We have a lot of books. It’s amazing how many can get lost or forgotten unless I gather up small groups and put them in noticeable places, like the dining room table. You know that whole No Reading At The Table traditional rule? Yeah, we don’t do that here. When Ms. Thirteen has her nose in a novel (per usual), I ask her to put it down, but I often read aloud during meals, little bits or small factoids, interesting things, so we can all talk about it together.

And that’s it. I have a longer book post to write but it will have to wait. I’m less than forty-eight hours away from my baby’s open heart surgery and it is, understandably, affecting me.

(photo quality caveat: the 1st two are from the point and shoot I used from 2003-2007. at the time, i thought it produced a decent capture. ha!)

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5 thoughts on “happy birthday, babe lincoln!

  1. I’m not making this up.

    My grandpa’s was born on Lincoln’s birthday and thus named Lincoln. Another weird connection.

    And I LOVE that your daughter’s first crush was President Lincoln. However, I’m now starting to feel intimidated by your daughter because not only is she more well read than me (a assumption I’m comfortable making) but she’s also a lot more mature than I am at a mere 13 years old.

    She’s like Rory…please tell me you watch Gilmore Girls?

    • of course I do! there’s nothing quite like a little visit to Stars Hollow! my girl IS rather Rory-esque and I was just thinking recently that she’s probably old enough now to enjoy and appreciate that show. I inhaled Gilmore Girls during a rough spot almost 5 years ago (a difficult relocation back to Oregon and a pregnancy loss) and it was just the right thing to escape for a bit.

  2. I was born on this day. I have always loved him. I remember trying to read by candle in a dark room. I got in trouble for that one. LOL I never did try and build a fence though. Ahhhhhhh lazy girl.

    Know we have the little one in our thoughts. We have you all in our thoughts actually. I brought you some lemons from AZ. A little lemonade never hurt anyone.

  3. Allison Bailey

    Stumbled across your blog looking for ideas on how to make a Presidents Day t-shirt. This was my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling, but I’m pleased with the result. Thanks for being my inspiration, and I’m thrilled Ulysses’ surgery went well.

    • did you make an abe lincoln shirt? i am sure there are other president stencil templates out there (i hit up stencilry.org first when i am looking for a template and don’t want to draw my own) but abe’s our favorite and our best! (and thank you!)

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