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I have a crowding backlog of long post ideas, but the time, the time! We had one (mundane and ho-hummish) doctor appointment this morning but a return to the cardiologist lurks later this week. I am sure I will post something longer and more updatey after that. Today I had my sweet baby boy in a diaper only on the sheepskin. I snapped a bunch of quick phone shots and then I thought, oh! What will he look like after heart surgery? Have you ever imagined someone sawing into your child’s chest? Unless you have a child with a congenital heart defect, probably not. It’s weird that something that was beyond my wildest imagination, before, is now my constant haunting shadow.

I saw this movie trailer this evening and liked it so much, I watched it several times in a row. How do you make the world more beautiful? I can’t answer that myself these days. I am not so much with the making lately, but I do not ever stop with the noticing. Last year’s fennel stands lank and skeletal outside my office window. It was snow to slush to muck to puddles and rain rain rain today, in the ugliest sort of way. But I can never get enough of seeing drops fall off of those spiny remains.

I swear I was just talking to friends about Pee Wee’s Playhouse the other day. Sometimes synchronicity kicks me in the pants. And sometimes I need to be reminded that we are all artists and beauty is everywhere. It really, really is.

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One thought on “do what you love

  1. Midge

    You make the world beautiful everyday. You do it anyway, whether you share it or not, but you show it here with your photos and your writing.

    I totally want to see that movie!

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