Hey! It’s Twelfth Night! Observations will include eating a dinner made from the very dregs of the cupboard (because I’m days past needing groceries, but my super power is kitchen witchery, so I’d rather play fast and loose with available ingredients than go to the grocery store, frankly.) and maybe asking the 12 yr old to play The Twelve Days of Christmas on her fiddle (one of a few holiday tunes she knows). Otherwise, we don’t have anything special planned for the official close of the christmas season, Christmas done and left this building well over a week ago. But it seems like we should do something. For Friday, or Feast of Three Kings, for Waxing Gibbous, for whatever. Something.

Do you love the not quite full moon, like I do? Sometimes when you live in this part of the country, any visible moon is remarkable. But last night, visible and beautiful!  It’s gray skies ad infinitum today, so I don’t expect a repeat. Full moons get all the glory, but when they’re off-kilter a bit, they shine just as brightly, you know.

I am not keen on this new video (mumble mumble confusing cultural appropriation, what?) but the song is sweet. I love these harmonizing Swedish sisters and have been anxious for a new song. And here it is. Today!

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2 thoughts on “epiphany

  1. Hannah loves First Aid Kit, April! I’m not sure how long she has known about them, but she’s learning some of their songs on the guitar. 🙂


  2. I discovered these gals a couple years ago–love!

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