one dish to feed them all!

apple dutch baby

This post features two things I love: my 12 inch cast iron pan and a breakfast everybody in my house really likes. Do you know how rare it is for me to make something that everybody really  likes? Cue clouds parting, beams of light, eerie angel ooohs. My kids aren’t even all that picky (picky being relative to the groceries I approve and stock), but their tastes vary just enough that often meals have one grumbler and one hoorayer. The mister will eat anything, but compliment it? That’s less common.  And dumb old breakfast, the snappiest meal of the day, is generally the most divisive. They all love crepes. We serve them up with lots of plain goat yogurt and a sauce I cook down from frozen blueberries. But then I’m stuck in the kitchen flipping crepes for an hour. I shoot for making crepes once a week, I think that’s fair. The rest of the time is a slapdash affair, my girl fiends for herself most days and I toggle between the few tried and trues for the boy. Occasionally I make them eat porridge. (once upon a time, they were little things who ate bowl upon bowl of steel cut oats but now they both consider it near torture.) Enter, an apple dutch baby pancake.

I riffed off of this recipe; not having made a dutch baby for sometime, I needed the structure. I sub, as I do with all my cooking, with equivalents in my pantry (rapadura, for example, instead of regular sugar). Mine didn’t rise as dramatically as I think it was supposed to, but lackluster rise and all, the pancake was a hit. A gobbled up, asked for seconds, when will you make it again? hit!

That was Saturday and I just pulled a second try out of the oven this morning, Tuesday. Today’s pancake had a much better rise.  My pan might have been in better, oiler condition (though I still have a big cast iron reconditioning attack plan on the docket for all cast iron). I also tweaked the ingredients a bit more this time (less liquid, chiefly, and used our own eggs instead of store bought) to a much better result all around. I can hear forks hitting plates this moment as I type. It’s our first day attempting normal post-holiday routine, but it’s a slow re-entry, obviously, if breakfast is happening after ten. Shrug. I’d rather be slow about something pleasant than rush headlong into something frustrating. Of course, the mister left well before sunrise for his hour commute to work; we should reserve him a couple slices to warm up tomorrow morning.

(picture is from saturday. today’s pancake looks more like the one featured on the recipe link.)

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2 thoughts on “one dish to feed them all!

  1. We love dutch babies and do them sweet and savory. I do two skillets for our family. One just does not do it any longer. You are soon gonna need another one you know. 🙂

    • it’s true. just with F + G and mr. big, we already skirt the edge of getting enough to eat out of a single batch of anything. i do a lot of frittatas for quick dinners, which is pretty similar minus the flour. *almost* makes me wish we had more hens.

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