my enchanted armchair (and the january photo challenge)


Because it’s approximately the one year anniversary of finding this lovely and bringing it home AND it’s on my mind because it was my response to today’s prompt -something you adore- for that January photo challenge floating around, I thought my chair deserved a blog entry of its own.

Thrifting is my favorite activity and I’m fortunate enough to live just a couple of blocks from my favorite sort of thrift store: volunteer run, full of especially old and dirty and forgotten things, priced cheaply. For all the gripes I have about this small town I live in (lots! like = it’s not the city.) there is certainly a lot less competition for the sort of fabulous secondhand finds I keep my eye out for. I try to pop in at least once a week, because you never know what you’re going to find. So my chair. I found it the weekend before *last* new year’s and I didn’t buy it right away. I took a picture of it and stewed over it over the holiday. It was more than any thrift store item I’ve ever purchased and I was hesitant. In the end, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even though I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. Did I need a chair? I had to use the dollars I’d been saving for a ukulele, was it worth it? Yes! I still haven’t bothered to buy a uke (thus failing at my top resolution for, oh, the last decade!) but I’ve sat in that chair every damn day for the last year and I love love love it. I get a bad rap for being difficult, for not liking a lot of things. But here’s the truth about me: I love the things I love SO MUCH that I don’t really have a lot of space leftover for just sort of liking something. I either love it or I don’t. But if I do, watch out.

I was so psyched to run to the thrift store as soon as they opened after the new year holiday, I didn’t want to go to the atm for cash first. I grabbed a checkbook, but noticed it was empty. I grabbed a new one out from out of the drawer where we keep those sorts of things, and zipped over in the car to buy the chair. I was relieved it was still there. Fate! I wrote the check, stuffed it in my car, and was sitting in it and drinking tea in my living room within half an hour. Funny thing about that exchange, though, I found out a month later that I’d actually grabbed old checks for a closed bank account. I wrote a hot check to the thrift store! They called me and I ran right over with cash money to fix my problem, but shortly after that, they changed their policy to stop accepting checks at all. Sorry, favorite local thrift store! Honest mistake, I swear it.

How did I live so many grown-up years without having an armchair all my own? I occasionally let my daughter sit in it, I’m not sure that my son has ever tried, and it’s definitely off-limits to my husband. It’s my chair. Even the cats know it. I drink my morning tea in it, I read in it, and now, I nurse the baby in it. It is original but in exquisite condition, save for a swath of sunfade down the middle. I suspect it lived its long life in someone’s never used formal living room. I’ve probably put more wear and tear on it in the last year (I confess to having spilled frozen blueberries out of my morning granola onto it, oops!) than it had seen previously. I call it my enchanted chair because it’s so perfect it must be magical. It’s low to the ground, which is just right for me (I’m short!) and it’s wide enough to curl my legs up if I want to, comfortably. I sit in it and time stops.


Maybe you’re already doing the challenge. If not, it’s not too late to join in and play along! As much as I want to get back in the habit of using my Rebel, I’m participating in this challenge with my iphone, posting to instagram. I wanted to give myself the best chance of completion success. But you can use any sharing place you prefer, or no sharing place at all! I’ve done photo challenges in the past, and kept them to myself. If you’re not on instagram, you can see the pictures I post there by clicking on the grass picture on the sidebar over there. I’m not a photographer, but I do enjoy snapping shots, freezing time so we don’t forget. This happened! And that! See?


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