by land, by sea, by dirigible

snowflakes inside and twirling stars outside

Are you cynical like me? Do you have a misanthropic commentary running in your head at all times? Do you ever want to kick the whole world in the shins? I do. This isn’t an editorial on my personality, though, just background. So when I say that hearing this song makes me feel like we can do anything, you should know I really mean it.  Every time this song comes on I instantly want to march across the earth holding hands with everyone. I am not a hand holder! (ask my husband.) I hold the hands of small children crossing the street. That’s it! But this song kills my suspicion and, I swear, for five minutes I believe we’ll be ok. No wonder it’s been in the top ten of most played songs around our house for years.

This morning I bounced a fussy baby on the ball (crying baby? breasts. if not breasts, then bouncy ball.) and overheard the husband and boy singing this together down the hall and it sounded like an anthem for all humanity and my little family alike.

(full disclosure: those are last winter’s snowflakes, last winter’s sheet metal stars hanging above the stoop. i’m trying to get back into the swing of picture taking, but i’m not really there yet.)

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One thought on “by land, by sea, by dirigible

  1. That song girds ya up and makes me feel like tomorrow….there is hope.

    (It also makes me want to make cinnamon rolls!) 😉

    I keep reading that Grapes of Wrath quote…that is pretty powerful and speaks to my heart. (Don’t be surpirsed to see it quoted in my journal for safekeeping)

    Made me chuckle to read your full snowflake disclosure….I’ve had an unmet need of cutting a mass amount of snowflakes and put them on all our windows. Your picture inspired me to go for it!

    ((Hugs)) ~Deb

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